Kamloops this Week members ratify new collective agreement

Members at Kamloops this Week have approved a new Collective Agreement by 70%.  It is a four year deal with wage increases of 1% in each of the years in the front office and 1.4% in each of the years for Drivers.

You will recall that members approved a one year extension to their contract in March of 2016 with a 1% wage increase which expired in May of this year.  The bargaining committee has been meeting with the company monthly to discuss a lot of issues since the contract extension last year.  We were able to get a lot of language modernized and gained some improvements in securing regular pay (ie no loss of wages) if a member is asked to serve on a jury.  We also have new language that puts a process in place for discipline, in essence enshrining progressive discipline and ensuring a member is represented at all times during the process. We also secured an increase in the cell phone allowance to $30 per month up from $20.  There is also a memorandum of agreement for a flexible work week and hours, that puts in place a process where management, the Union and the member can work out an agreement for a flexible schedule.

I want to thank the work of the bargaining committee and Unifor National Representative Mark Cameron who worked very hard over this past year to come to an agreement.  The members of the bargaining committee were Sean Graham, Angela Wilson and Susan Sutherland.