Voluntary Layoff – Update

The Union spoke with the company about possibly extending the deadline for applying, but they have said they will NOT extend the deadline past Monday.  We also sent a letter to the company stating that regardless what the application says If a member chooses to take the voluntary severance, the Union’s view is they are still covered by the grievance. Below is what we sent to the company.

“We write further to your email of Monday, March 13, 2017 to all employees regarding “Voluntary Termination” and the severance application and release form you attached.  As you know, the Union filed a grievance regarding the layoffs and notice of layoffs.  The Union’s position is that any employee who voluntarily takes severance, remains subject to the grievance and they are not waiving their rights under the Collective Agreement.  The Union will be advising its members that if they choose to take the voluntary severance offered by the Company, they will still be covered by the Union’s grievance.”