Member Area

Local 2000 prides itself on our democratic structure. Our local, which currently has about 2,200 members, operates under the National Constitution of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada and our Local 2000 Constitution and Bylaws.

The supreme governing authority of our Local is the Annual Congress to which delegates are elected. Changes to the Local Constitution must be passed at the Annual Congress and then be approved by a referendum of the entire membership.

The day-to-day operation of the Local is conducted by elected officers and our staff, including a national rep. The Local currently has four full-time elected officers, one national rep who works full-time for us and two staff.

An executive representing all of the membership and which includes the elected officers, meets regularly to oversee the operation of the Local.

If you would like to get involved a good first step is taking a look at the National Constitution and Local Constitutions.

Our Privacy Policy in Adobe Acrobat format is available here. Forms available for downloading are: Privacy Appeal, Privacy Disagreement, Privacy Withdrawal and Privacy Access Request. For further information, contact our Privacy Officer, Andrea MacBride.